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Conservative Fighter We Can Count On

James Edming has served our district well in Madison, always working to do what is right. He stopped Governor Evers’ destructive liberal agenda from becoming law in Wisconsin and helped protect the conservative reforms we’ve put into place since 2011.

James Edming’s record speaks for itself: passed a Parents Bill of Rights, expanded School Choice, passed nearly two dozen election integrity bills, work requirements for those on welfare, stopped funding for Planned Parenthood, billions in tax relief, passed a ban on Critical Race Theory in our schools, and so much more.

Empowering Parents and Expanding Choice

The last two years have been challenging for our kids, parents, and schools. James Edming believes every parent must have a voice in their child's education. That’s why he voted for the Parents Bills of Rights and passed legislation that empowers parents with more information about what is being taught in school, and expanded education options for families. He also knows that child deserves the best possible education, not indoctrination. That’s why John pushed back on divisive ideologies like critical race theory and voted to stop them from being taught to our kids.

Edming pushed to make sure schools re-opened and voted to expand statewide School Choice. Parents know what’s best for their child’s education and making sure they have great options no matter where they live or how much they make is a priority.
















Keeping Communities Safe

James ran for office to make sure we keep our streets and communities safe for our families and kids. That’s why he passed numerous tough on crime bills to make sure violent criminals are held accountable, not released into our neighborhoods. 

He also knows that we must support law enforcement, not defund them. That’s why James supported legislation to help prevent communities from defunding and undermining their police departments. He also supported a package of bills to recruit and retain more officers in our communities.






Protecting Our Rights and Freedoms

Over the last couple of years, we saw government entities pushing destructive mandates and policies that infringe on our rights and freedoms here in Wisconsin. When Governor Evers tried to keep our state locked down, James Edming and Legislative Republicans took him to court and won, opening our state back up.

James also voted for the Healthcare Freedom package that banned government vaccine mandates, vaccine requirements as a condition of employment, and vaccine passports in Wisconsin. We must maintain the ability to live our lives, work, and raise our families. As your representative, James Edming will continue fighting to protect your rights.

Fighting Inflation and High Gas Prices

Inflation and high gas prices are straining everyone’s budgets. That’s why James Edming will continue fighting to stop out of control spending and keep our budget balanced. James helped stop destructive efforts to raise taxes and passed billions in tax relief for Wisconsin families.

When Governor Evers tried to raise taxes by $1 billion, James Edming said no, and passed a balanced budget providing tax relief instead.

When Governor Evers tried to raise the gas tax and make gas tax increases automatic, James Edming said no.

Election Integrity

Smooth elections that free and fair is a foundation of our state and nation. When concerns were raised about how the 2020 election was conducted, James Edming and Republicans authorized two investigations. These investigations found serious issues. That’s why James supported nearly two dozen bills to address these issues- like stopping ballot harvesting and banning private money from funding our elections.

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